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Opalescence Whitening

The best way to whiten your teeth is to see the professionals. The best way to do this is the system for teeth whitening Opalescence. It’s valued around the world for a number of factors: the minimum time procedures, low sensitivity of teeth, long-term results. This system, produced by the American company Ultradent – world’s leader of innovations in the field of bleach is used in our clinic.

Ultradent was the first company that has created a tooth whitening gel and has developed whitening technology that can be used at home with a soft mouth guards. Also among the achievements of the company: development of whitening system Opalescence, adopted by the American Dental Association, establishing a system for bleaching activated by light, the idea of ​​adding a potassium salt to the tooth whitening gel, which significantly reduce tooth sensitivity after the procedure.

Some reasons can push you to whiten your teeth:

Effects of the use of tetracycline. Tetracycline is an antibiotic, and, if it was used during tooth formation of the child, it can greatly affect the color of teeth: to give them a light yellow or brownish tint. It is difficult to get rid of this problem even with bleach. It requires a long night course of home bleaching.

Discoloration of teeth due to dental fluorosis. This disease occurs when a patient drinks water with high fluorine content (greater than 1 mg / L) during tooth formation: during pregnancy, and during first nine years of life. Fluorosis appears on the teeth in the form of spots of yellow-brown shades, and in extreme cases – in the form of enamel defects. With the help of teeth whitening you can lighten the stains on the surface layer of the enamel.

Dissatisfaction with natural data. The average shade of teeth of European nations is yellowish. Do you think it is not aesthetically pleasing in comparison with white Hollywood smile? Teeth’s whitening in Kiev is the soft and gentle way to achieve the desired result.

Age problems. The top layer of enamel over the years becomes much thinner; in addition, the teeth absorb dyes and additives. Bleaching will help to solve this problem in a healthy way.

The most effective teeth whitening in Kiev you can make a homemade method. You are free to apply the whitening gel in a silicone mouthpiece, made for you individually by a dentist, and wear it on your teeth. Concentration of bleach overnight procedure is low – only 10%. Opalescence products also prevent the occurrence of tooth sensitivity during bleaching by fluoride and potassium nitrate.

Opalescence teeth whitening system has several advantages: the current formula, the consistency of a viscous gel, preventing dryness (20% water), and the whitening gel continues to work for 8-10 hours overnight. In addition, the first change of the shade of the teeth you can see after the first application!

Before and after bleaching.

Instructions for home whitening:

Brush your teeth. Fill out the mouthpiece unit dose by whitening gel Opalescence.

Place the mouthpiece tightly over your teeth. Gently press it to make gel take its place. Too much pressing mouthpiece leads to the fact that a large amount of gel will come out of it.

Carefully remove any excess of gel with a toothbrush or cotton pellet.

Advantages of whitening system Opalescence:

• 20% of the water prevents over drying;

• Continuously formula;

• Consistency-sticky, viscous gel;

• University research has shown that the gel stays active for 8-10 hours a night bleaching.

• The biggest change of the color sets of teeth after the first night whitening!

• The content of fluoride and potassium nitrate can prevent hypersensitivity.

Opalescence effectively copes with the consequences of domestic or age-related changes of the body, congenital, systemic, traumatic factors, as well as with many diseases of the enamel.

This system is recommended if you want to whiten your teeth before making the crowns, veneers or composite restorations. In this case, you would take a week to fix the alignment and color of teeth. Restorative materials can not be bleached. The special formula allows Opalescence gel not to follow from mouth guard at night and increases the effect – the first result can be felt after the first night whitening!

Teeth whitening in Kiev with Opalescence will make your smile shining for years!

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