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A smile is a powerful weapon of every person. Due to the loss of one or more teeth, not everyone can use such a “weapon”. The use of ceramic-metal crowns is popular in many countries of the world. The ratio of quality characteristics, aesthetic appearance and affordable price are the indisputable advantages of dental prosthetics. Using ceramic-metal crowns,it is possible to carry out from simple to the most complex tooth deformations.

Advantages of ceramic-metal prosthetics:

– ceramics do not cause allergic reactions and irritation of the mucous membrane;

– practically does not differ in color from natural teeth;

– has a long service term (up to 15 years with proper care of the oral cavity);

– the original color of the enamel is preserved;

– does not deform, does not shift;

– can be used on the back and front teeth;

– cermets can withstand high loads when chewing food (even better than native teeth, but do not do to experiment).

This type of prosthetics is recommended in the absence of one or more teeth, bridge prosthetics, and the installation of a crown on a pin or implant.

Disadvantages of  ceramic-metal:

– when bright light hits the crown, it can stand out among other teeth;

– possible darkening of the gums at the site of the prosthesis;

– it is necessary to remove the nerve, clean the canals and sharpen the tooth.

A ceramic-metal prosthesis should not cause discomfort. The color of porcelain is selected in each case individually, should most closely match the native shade of the tooth.

Modern dentistry will help you return a beautiful smile.