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Removable prosthetics

The absence of even one tooth can cause disruption of the digestive tract, displacement of adjacent teeth, and a person may feel insecure. To recreate the functionality of the dentition and aesthetic appearance, dentists resort to prosthetics. People at any age can go to the dental clinic for help in restoring the dentition.

Removable prosthetics do not restore fully functional defects; therefore, they are used as temporary prosthetics in the process of complete implantological treatment.

For each individual case, a certain type of prosthesis is selected (partially removable, conditionally removable and full removable) and a shade that will most closely match natural teeth. Visually, they do not differ from native teeth, in some cases, the material from which the prostheses are made causes allergic reactions (in such situations, the doctor may recommend a prosthesis made of special plastics). Acrylic, flexible nylon and clasp products are durable and have a long service life.

Do not be afraid that you will lose the prosthesis or it will fall out during a call. Modern dentistry uses the latest techniques for reliable fixation of the prosthesis.

Removable prosthetics is a complex dental procedure that requires a good specialist. The specialists of our clinic will give your smile a second life.