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About Clinic

Our clinic is located in the quiet center of Cherkassy, ​​on the corner of the boulevard Shevchenko and Pushkin Street! We are ready to assist you with any dental care at the highest level, using the most advanced equipment, materials and technology from the best manufacturers.


You can familiarize with our clinic starting with a reception, where you will always be greeted warmly by our administrators, serving you coffee, tea, and telling you about all the services we offer, get acquainted with the technology and they will help sort out all the intricate corridors called dentistry. The administrator will always find a convenient time for an extended doctor’s consultation, where you can find out about the proposed treatment using video, multimedia, and pictures. Clinic is proud of all the diplomas and certificates that confirm the level of our training, and the right to conduct all the medical and surgical procedures, which will be offered. We guarantee your safety, our quality, and professionalism of treatment!


Not all the dental offices in Cherkassy care about their customers, as we are. The clinic is involved in the programs “Anti-AIDS” and “Anti-Hepatitis.” The sterilization’s quality is controlled by computer monitors and indicators, and all sterile packages are opened in the patient’s presence. Dental devices established in all the rooms prevent cross-infection of patients. The main part of the tools which we use is disposable. Other tools pass a complete cycle of disinfection and sterilization using modern equipment. A distinctive feature of our clinic is to provide a large amount of surgical care permitted in the outpatient setting (no dental offices in Cherkassy provide this range of services but our clinic). In addition to extract of any teeth, we offer our patients the restore operations, such as: implants, bone augmentation and tissue, flap operations, etc.


Implantation is an implanted titanium rod (implant) in the patient’s bone which in the future will be wearing the crown and it is not distinguishable from adjacent teeth. In our practice we use several implant systems. The main ones are the systems of Alpha-Bio, MIS – the production of Israel, Direct (USA), Eurotechnique (France) and the system Ankylos brand made in Germany. Ankylos implants have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and service everywhere in the world. The implant is among the top global manufacturers and produced for more than twenty years, with much scientific basis of observations.


Using implants, we can restore one or more missing teeth without injuring adjacent teeth. Very often we restore function and aesthetics of patients even in the absence of all the teeth. If it is necessary to increase the amount of bone tissue we will offer you techniques that give a good result in the shortest time. Implants will allow you to recover the missing teeth for a very long term, and the most importantly it will be invisible to others, because more than 98% of the interviewed patients perceive the implants as their own teeth. And all the negative reviews of implantation due to the fact that patients agree to install the implants of a questionable quality and production.


Our clinic offers treatment and prosthetics of any complicacy. The aesthetic of the highest quality and the strongest possible restoration materials will recover the lost part of the teeth reliably and for a long time. In prosthetics we pay special attention to such components as occlusion and esthetics, which allow not only to achieve a beautiful result, but also to restore lost function to the completion of the defect phonetics, the provisions of the joints, which is especially important for patients with prosthetic occlusion or changes of the teeth shape. The main criterion of a choice of a treatment method for each patient is a patient’s individual situation. Turning to our clinic, you are guaranteed to get a treatment that will not only meet all the requirements of modern medicine, but will be proved non-invasive, long-term and cost-effective.

CT scanner Planmeca3D is installed in our clinic.


Clinic of Sobolevskyy is the best place for treatment and prosthetics in Cherkassy.