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Metal free ceramics

Metal-free ceramics is a new generation technology in the practice of modern dentistry. Incorrect treatment, jaw injuries, untimely visits to the dental clinic can cause tooth loss. Metal-free crowns are the most aesthetic solution for restoring the dentition. Ceramics are used for crowns, veneers, pin tabs and bridges.

Advantages of metal free ceramics:

– imitates natural hard tissues of native teeth;

– the material does not cause allergic reactions;

– has an aesthetic appearance;

– The natural shade of the crown does not differ from natural teeth;

– does not change color throughout the entire service term;

– the gum does not darken at the place where the crown fits (after some time after the installation of the ceramic-metal prosthesis, a blue strip may appear at the base of the tooth).

The disadvantages include the high cost of the dental procedure, which can be justified by aesthetics and excellent functionality.

Before installing metal-free ceramics, the dentist conducts a thorough examination of the oral cavity, conducts treatment (if necessary). Then the casts are taken on which the prosthesis is made, after which the crown is tried on and fixed securely on special cement. The service life of a ceramic tooth is up to 10 years; after this period, the After installing a metal-free ceramics, more thorough oral care is required. It is recommended to remove food residues from the interdental spaces, use a rinse aid after each meal, and visit a dental clinic at least twice a year.replacement of the crown is required. Metal free ceramicsmake it possible to preserve the natural beauty of a smile.