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Implant prosthetics

Untimely or incorrect dental treatment, injuries of the jaw can lead to the loss of one or even several teeth. Modern dentistry applies various methods for tooth restoration. Implant prosthetics is a real achievement in dental practice.

This method of prosthetics allows you to restore both one tooth and a whole dentition. The advantage of this method is the long term of tooth service, you can simply replace the crowns. An implant is a titanium root that is screwed into bone tissue (not into the gum, as many patients mistakenly think).

Usually, the procedure takes place in two stages. At the first visit, the dentist establishes a shaft that should be akin to bone tissue (3-5 months). At the end of this period, the patient visits the dental clinic again, where he is installed an abutment (a transition element for attaching the crown to the implant) and the crown. Such a collapsible design greatly simplifies and makes the subsequent replacement of the crown as quick as possible. Only the upper part of the tooth needs to be replaced, the implant itself is not touched, and you do not need to do surgery.

With proper care of the oral cavity, the life of the denture is up to 20-25 years. The latest techniques in modern dentistry allow both single prosthetics and multiple restoration of the dentition based on implants. After diagnosis, the dentist will determine the most appropriate treatment for each individual case.

Implant prosthetics is an opportunity to preserve the esthetics and functionality of the teeth.