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Lingual Braces

A beautiful smile gives confidence in every step. People may feel stiff due to malocclusion, crooked teeth, and other abnormalities in the jaw. Modern orthodontics uses advanced teeth alignment techniques. To make the smile smooth and beautiful, you can imperceptibly to others with the help of lingual braces. Now you don’t have to be shy that the glands will be visible, because the structure is attached to the back of the teeth.

Why do patients choose lingual braces:

– completely invisible on the teeth;

– are fixed to the palatine or lingual side;

– correct any violations: enlarged gaps between the lateral and front teeth, protruding and recessed jaw, cross, open and deep bite;

– the risk of caries and gum disease is lower compared to external braces.


– a longer period of treatment;

– the complexity of oral hygiene;

– may affect diction;

– long addictive.

The disadvantages include the high cost of lingual braces, due to the complexity of the orthodontic procedure and the aesthetics of the design. Before installing the braces of the system, a complete sanitation of the oral cavity is performed: treatment of caries and its possible complications, elimination of inflammatory processes, removal of tartar.

At the end of treatment, a cast is made, according to which the bracket system is modeled (it takes 2-4 weeks to make it). Then the structure is fixed and fitted under the flat braces.

How long does treatment take?

– Pnce a month, you must come to the clinic to tighten the braces.

– Every six months, hygienic cleaning is required.

– After 1.5-2.5 years  removal of the structure (wearing time depends on each individual case).

The orthodontist of our clinic will provide instruction on the proper care of braces and oral cavity.

Lingual braces are the right solution for everyone and everyone who wants to have straight teeth, but is embarrassed to wear braces.