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Microimplants are an advanced technique in modern orthodontics. Screws made of titanium or its alloy can accelerate the treatment process and give more accurate results. Microimplantsare inserted into the bone tissue of the lower or upper jaw (between the tooth roots in the area precisely defined by the orthodontist) and are a support for moving teeth during treatment. This method allows the specialist to control the process without the participation of the patient.

The dimensions of the microimplant resemble a small screw with a length of 6-12 mm and a width of 1.5-2 mm, it can be easily twisted (when not needed) without anesthesia. It is screwed into the bone tissue using local anesthesia, the process takes 5-10 minutes.

Microimplantation solves the problem of correcting malocclusion (deep, cross and open), severe crowding of teeth and other disorders. The use of microimplants not only accelerates the treatment process, but also avoids surgical intervention. The orthodontist of our clinic will conduct a complete diagnosis of the oral cavity, choose the right method of tooth alignment. We do everything possible and impossible for each client to give his smile to the people around him.