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MegaGen implants

MegaGen Implant System

Thank you for your interest in MegaGen Implant.

Our mission is unchanged: to offer the most effective solutions to dental problems and thus contribute to the professional growth of dentists around the world. Today in the MegaGen product line there are more than 2000 items in eight areas of dental implantology. In 2006, we introduced the first Rescue® MegaGen short-diameter large-diameter implant system and became the first South Korean implant system manufacturer to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Then came the time of AnyRidge® and AnyOne®, which facilitated the successful outcome of implant treatment and were awarded the appreciation of the Prime Minister of South Korea.

Korean MegaGen implants have everything you need for dental implantation and regeneration of bone, soft tissues.

We recently launched the Eureka R2 project, which opens the door to the world of digital dentistry. As a recognized “innovator in implantology”, MegaGen will no doubt rest on its laurels and will continue to develop reliable and effective solutions to dental problems.

I am sure that our close cooperation will last for many years and will be extremely fruitful. Thank you for trusting us.

Yours faithfully,

CEO MegaGen Implant Co., Ltd.

Dr. Kwang bum park

MegaGen: a unique approach in implantology:

  • AnyOne – One MegaGen Implant System for Most Clinical Solutions
  • High quality surgical instruments
  • Unique drill design helps to avoid damage to important anatomical structures
  • Effective prosthetics system
  • Xpeed surface

AnyOne MegaGen implants – a reliable friend

  • Megagen implants have a unique surface – Xpeed
  • Implant Abutment Cone Connection
  • Shortened osseointegration time
  • Subcrestal implant megagen implant
  • Superior primary stability
  • Lack of cortical bone resorption
  • Progressive cancellous bone condensation
  • Cortical bone load reduction
  • Platform Switching – Platform switshing
  • A single platform for all Megagen implants with a diameter of 3.5 to 7 mm
  • Megagen implant length from 6.5 mm to 15 mm
  • Large size range for any clinical situation
  • The increased resource of mills + collecting autobone
  • Simplified Surgical Protocol
  • A wide selection of orthopedic solutions
  • Made of Grade 4 titanium