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Dental implants: age restrictions

A beautiful smile and even healthy teeth are the privilege of people of any age category: children, teenagers, and the elderly. Dentistry is rapidly developing, advanced techniques are used in the process of restoring the dental system, modern technologies and materials of the highest quality are used, which makes implant implantation comfortable, safe and less traumatic.
For patients, the question remains: “does dental implantation have age restrictions”” This is especially interesting for older people, for whom the solution to the problem of missing dental units, or even the entire dentition is particularly acute.

Age for dental implants: when to start and are there age restrictions?

Implantation is an operation in the oral cavity to replace lost teeth with artificial structures. The recovery period and the success of implant survival depends on a combination of various factors: the doctor’s professionalism, individual characteristics of the body, health status, and the immune system.

At what age can dental implants be implanted?

You can lose your teeth at any age. The reasons are various: injuries, improper hygiene, untimely visits to the dentist, birth defects. You can and should restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition! Age restrictions on implantation of implants are associated with the characteristics of the body, characteristic of each life stage.
Dentists do not recommend implanting implants in people under 18 years of age. This is due to the fact that during this period, the bite is formed, the growth of bone tissue and the skeleton occurs. Dental manipulations to install the implant can harm your health and disrupt the natural flow of these processes. Ideally, it is recommended not to perform the procedure before 20-25 years.

Dental implants: contraindications, age and features of the operation in the elderly.

People at any age want to enjoy the taste of their favorite food and smile without hesitation. They turn to the clinic for help in restoring the dentition in 60, 70 years and the older generation. What is the maximum age for dental implants and are there any contraindications?
Today, you can perform the procedure for everyone. The operation performed by a professional will allow you to forget about the inconveniences associated with missing teeth. For some patients (who have allergic reactions to the components that are part of removable prostheses), prosthetics on implants is the only correct solution to restore the dental system. In this issue, the role is played by the state of health, past diseases, due to which surgical intervention is impossible.

Dental implants: contraindications by age

  • weakened immune system;
  • renal failure;
  • loose bone;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • disorders of the Central nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

The implantologist makes an individual treatment plan, taking into account the age characteristics of the body, the presence of chronic diseases. Carefully selected anesthetics, because in old age, many patients are immune to painkillers or suffer from intolerance to certain components. Improper oral care, carious lesions, and bone atrophy also make their own adjustments to the treatment plan. Modern dental clinics can cope with tasks of any complexity.

Up to what age can dental implants be inserted? There are no age restrictions on the upper border! Everyone can come to Sobolevsky Dentistry for beautiful smiles!