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Teeth whitening

A beautiful snow-white smile is a powerful weapon that strikes many. But teeth are regularly exposed to various adverse substances that can change the shade of tooth enamel. To regain your Hollywood smile, you should contact a dental clinic. Modern methods for teeth whitening in an hour will do a miracle, the white teeth that you dreamed about.

One of the best systems today is Opalescence, which has gained popularity in many countries around the world. The main advantages of this technique: minimum time for the procedure, low sensitivity, long-term result.

In modern dentistry, there are no medical indications by which a specialist can prescribe tooth whitening. Patients seek the help of professionals to improve aesthetics.

The main causes of enamel color change:

– consequences of taking antibiotics (tetracycline gives a light yellow or brownish tint);

– smoking, drinking coffee and coffee drinks;

– fluorosis (occurs when drinking water with a high content of fluoride);

– age-related changes.

Teeth whitening will help to solve these problems without harming the enamel. Patients can go to the clinic, where in just one session, your smile will shine with whiteness. Also, using the Opalescence whitening system, you can carry out the procedure at home. In this case, the dentist will make a mouthguard for individual use. You will see the result after the first application.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to carry out a complete sanitation of the oral cavity, remove stones.

There are also contraindications for teeth whitening:

– age under 18 years old;

– braces and other orthodontic constructions;

– inflammatory processes on the gums and oral mucosa;

– pregnancy and lactation;

– allergic reactions to the components of the whitening gel.

After the procedure, it is recommended for 5-7 days to refrain from drinking colored drinks and products: coffee, red wine, tea, chocolate, sauces.

Teeth whitening in our clinic is the softest and most gentle way for a snow-white Hollywood smile.