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Professional hygienic toothbrushing

Professional hygienic brushing is the best prevention of caries and other dental diseases. A hygienist should be visited twice a year. In many countries of the world this procedure is mandatory and is included in the health insurance program.

In hard-to-reach places (interdental spaces, periodontal pockets), it is almost impossible to completely remove plaque with a brush, which in the future can lead to the appearance of stones and the development of caries. Bad breath, bleeding gums, plaque and tartar formation are the main reasons for hygienic toothbrushing. Prevention is much more pleasant and cheaper than the treatment process.

Modern dentistry uses advanced techniques for conducting high-quality brushing. During the procedure, the hygienist examines the oral cavity, removes the formed stones and plaque using sandblasting and ultrasound machines. Grinding or polishing of fillings is also carried out. After that, the teeth are fluorinated (coated with a special protective composition with a high fluorine content) to mineralize and strengthen the enamel, which is the prevention of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Professional hygienic brushing of teeth not only prevents the occurrence of various dental diseases, but also improves the aesthetic appearance.

After the procedure, the specialist conducts an individual consultation on the rules of oral care.