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Bone crest cleavage

Bone crest splitting is a procedure for increasing the volume of the jaw bone. Dental surgery is performed when its thickness does not exceed 4 mm. The alveolar bone is the part of the jaw on which the dentist will install an implant or prosthesis. During the procedure, the process is cut into two equal fragments, then all the voids are carefully filled using a graft or artificial material.

The main indications for surgery for splitting the bone ridge:

– thinned alveolar bone;

– irregular jaw shape (by nature, after injuries);

– insufficient volume of bone tissue.

The first stage of implantation is to ensure that all parts of the split crest are firmly fused together (this will take 3-5 months). Only after complete coalescence does the dentist proceed to the next stage – the implant placement.

During the recovery period, it is recommended to observe oral hygiene, not to eat solid foods, rinse the mouth after each meal, forget about addictions.

Contraindications for the operation:

– bleeding disorders;

– oncological diseases;

– pregnancy and lactation;

– acute inflammatory processes in the body;

– the width of the alveolar bone is less than 2 mm in width and less than 10 mm in height. In our clinic, they can perform immediate implantation to split the crest and install the implant or wait for the complete healing of the operated area. The doctor selects a technique for each individual case.