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Before implantation, an assessment of the quality and quantity of bone tissue is carried out in order to select the appropriate method of the procedure. About two to three months after tooth extraction, the process of atrophy begins, this is bone loss. This leads to a decrease in the height and width of the jaw. One of the demanded operations in dentistry is augmentation – bone mass increase through surgical intervention.

An indication for this treatment method is an insufficient amount of existing bone for subsequent implant placement. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used.

In our clinic, a specialist will choose the most suitable method of augmentation.

The best option, as a rule, is autotransplantation. Fast healing due to the “native” bone tissue is the main advantage of using the patient’s own bone. To restore the lost bone volume, outgrowths on the jaws, areas of the hard palate can be used, in some cases, the use of a rib or ilium is permissible.

There are many different augmentation methods. Bone tissue of living origin or another person, artificially obtained materials can also be used as material for building bone mass. The specialist selects a technique for each individual case after a thorough diagnosis.