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Sinus lift

Indication for implantation is the loss of one or more teeth. After tooth extraction (with its prolonged absence) in the region of the maxillary sinuses, atrophy of bone tissue occurs (the thickness decreases significantly). To increase the amount of bone tissue with subsequent implantation, sinus lift is performed. The main task of dental surgery is to build bone, which will serve as the foundation for the implant.

Indications for sinus lift:

– For a long time the absence of a tooth;

– inflammatory processes;

– bone height less than 6-8 mm;

– the use of removable dentures over a long period.

The operation consists in the fact that the dentist with a tool lifts part of the maxillary sinus sheath (called the “bottom”), and introduces bone material into the space to compensate for the lack of bone tissue.

The sinus lift procedure can be closed or open, it depends on the missing height of the bone material. Closed grafting is possible provided that the bone height is at least 5 millimeters. The procedure does not require additional incisions and is less traumatic (compared to open). An open operation is performed at a bone height of less than 5 mm, the full recovery period after completion of the surgery can last up to 6-9 months.

Contraindications for sinus lift:

– bleeding disorders;

– oncological diseases;

– heart failure.

It is necessary to stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least a week before and after bone grafting.

It is important to follow all the doctor’s recommendations after the procedure. Sinus lifting is your opportunity to give yourself and others a snow-white smile.