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Astra Tech Implants

Astra Tech Implants Dental SystemTM product quality is incredibly high. 99.9% of the “engraftment” of the implant – no one else can boast of such many-year statistics. Astra Tech offers a treatment method based on many years of research. Each development has passed 10 years of testing. Therefore, Astra Tech is the only implant system in the world that is used in more than 200 countries of the world and provides a lifetime warranty on its products. Implantation of the Swedish company Astra Tech offers a painless method of replacing teeth if you have lost one, several or even all of your teeth. Your new teeth are outwardly indistinguishable from real ones, they allow you to eat, laugh and enjoy life. In this case, the remaining teeth remain intact, because the implant is installed directly in the jaw. The whole process of dental implants is completely painless.

The Astra Tech implant is designed based on biological and biomechanical principles.

It is made of titanium and is placed directly in the jawbone, forming a reliable and inconspicuous basis for a new tooth, performing the function of a tooth root. A tooth crown is mounted on top, made individually in accordance with the shape and shade of your other teeth. The implant itself is very small – only 3-5 mm in diameter and 8-17 mm in length. Specially designed thread and shape of the implant provide a uniform load on the jaw and its quick regeneration, due to which the implant “grows” into the bone tissue and provides incredible strength. Externally, the implant tooth is indistinguishable from the present (it looks as if it grows from the gums and is felt inside the mouth as a natural tooth). The implant is inserted directly into the jaw bone, preserving (unlike obsolete prosthetics) your adjacent healthy teeth! The successful functioning of the implant cannot be determined by one single sign. Also, as in nature, there must be several independent factors working together. The following combination of key features is unique to Astra Tech.

BioManagement Complex TM Astra Tech

OsseoSpeedTM – Faster, larger bone formation

OsseoSpeedTM is the next evolutionary stage of the TiOblastTM implant surface that has been proven for 18 years. Modified titanium surface, optimized topographically, providing excellent primary stabilization, and chemically as a result of the addition of fluorides, resulting in an OsseoSpeed ​​TM surface. OsseoSpeedTM is the first and only implant in the world with a chemically modified titanium surface that stimulates early bone healing. The result of a microrough titanium surface treated with fluoride is enhanced bone formation and a stronger bond of the bone to the implant. OsseoSpeedTM is especially suitable for use in soft bones and in cases where immediate implant placement and early loading are required. The clinical benefits of OsseoSpeedTM, which initiate bone growth and support early loading, have been proven and documented. Combined with MicroThreadTM micro-threads on the neck of the OsseoSpeedTM implant, it provides real growth power for more reliable and efficient prosthetics.

MicroThreadTM – biomechanical bone stimulation

The neck of the implant is equipped with micro-thread – a thin thread that provides optimal load distribution and lower stress indicators. This design is based on a deep understanding of bone physiology, which is essential for optimal implant design. Since the bone tissue is designed to carry loads, dental implants must be designed to mechanically stimulate the surrounding bone in order to preserve it, and it should be borne in mind that the critical point on the surface of the interaction of the implant with the bone is located in the cervical (cervical, marginal) region, where peak stresses occur. Cervical micro threading showed an unrivaled result in independent clinical trials, primarily the ability to preserve the marginal part of the bone. This feature can in many cases be decisive in order to achieve a long-term result regarding implant survival and aesthetic work.

Conical Seal DesignTM – Strong and Stable Connection

Conical Seal DesignTM is an 11-degree conical joint below the marginal bone level that carries the load deeper, which increases the loading capacity of the implant. Compared to conical joints above the marginal bone and flat design, Conical Seal DesignTM reduces peak stresses and thus retains marginal bone. This design also tightly closes the interior of the implant from surrounding tissues, reducing micromotion, micro-leakage and the likelihood of microbes. Conical Seal DesignTM simplifies maintenance and ensures reliability in all clinical situations, ensuring that the components do not become loose after a while. Moreover, the tight and precise connection of the implant with the abutment with this design makes connecting the abutment a quick and easy procedure. The abutment is self-guiding, so the installation procedure is not traumatic and eliminates the risk of bone damage.

Connective ContourTM Enlarged contact area and soft tissue volume

The Connective ContourTM connection contour is a unique contour that is created when the abutment is attached to the implant. Such a contour provides an increase in the contact zone of the connective soft tissue in height and volume, which integrates with the implant site passing through the mucous membrane, hermetically protecting the marginal bone.

Benefits of the Astra Tech Implant System

Comfort with implants Astra Tech

Astra Tech implants are used in more than two hundred countries around the world. In the event of a change of place of residence or being on a long-term business trip, you can continue the prosthetics that have been started or monitor the already installed implants practically anywhere in the world

The implant design Astra Tech

Astra Tech’s dental implant is a self-tapping screw that simplifies installation and minimizes surgical burden on the bone. The threads are designed to provide reliable initial fixation with a favorable distribution of load forces. The conical relationship between the implant and the Conical Seal DesignTM abutment allows the abutment to be correctly positioned in place and self-adjusting. Thanks to the highly accurate and stable fixation of the abutment, the implant is able to withstand high levels of axial loads and bending moments. Tight interaction prevents micromotion and microflow, and also gives long-term clinical success.

Astra Tech: simplified surgery

With the help of easily controlled technical equipment and easy-to-use products and tools, time is saved during the surgical stage of implantation. A coordinated selection of instruments provides a simple surgical procedure. Surgical burs and instruments, designed in such a way as to visually determine the exact depth of each implant bed, minimize tissue manipulation during the installation phase of the Astra Tech implant.

Astra Tech Product Flexibility

The use of Astra Tech implants does not have any age restrictions. The Astra Tech Dental Implant System is designed for use in cases where non-removable, partially removable and removable dentures are installed, as well as in cases of restoration of one tooth.

The system includes wide, narrow implants and abutments, implants and abutments for restoration of one tooth, different in length and size, which allows the dentist to be flexible in choosing the right solution for the patient.

Biologically Stable Astra Tech

Astra Tech’s dental implant provides predictable osseointegration. The design and texture of its surface reduce stress peaks around the neck of the implant, preserving the marginal bone and increasing the bearing capacity. The Astra Tech implant makes it possible to reproduce the anatomical contour of soft tissues, to obtain a good aesthetic result and a healthy state of soft tissue for a long period of time.

Mechanically stable condition Astra Tech.

The self-tapering conical design creates stability, precise fit and eliminates the problems associated with micromobility. The design helps to avoid loosening the connection between the abutment and the support screw, thus providing a mechanically stable condition, strength and long-term stability.

Astra Tech Documentary Reflection

The use of the Astra Tech implant has been widely documented since 1985 based on the results of both experimental and clinical studies. Clinical applications on a global scale over a ten-year period of time have confirmed the simplicity and predictability of prosthetics, the outstanding clinical effect and long-term tissue integrity. Research results published in international dental journals can be found on Medline. Key words: Astra Tech, implant, dental implants.

Warranty for implants Astra Tech

Astra Tech Implants Dental SystemTM is the only implant manufacturer in the world that provides a lifetime warranty on its products. It has been documented that the clinical success of prosthetics using implants is high provided that the established standards and guidelines are followed. Unforeseen failure results in prosthetics are regulated by the Ast Tech Warranty Program. The warranty provides additional protection to the patient and dentists during prosthetics using the Astra Tech dental implant.

Cost-effectiveness of dental implants Astra Tech

Minimum Component Astra Tech offers freedom and flexibility in most demanding clinical situations. A collection of abutments is available: universal, standard and shaped abutments, having a length of 0.4 mm to 7.7 mm, for fixing on cement, screws and various types of attachments. It allows you to make individual decisions and modify prosthetics as changes in the situation with the patient.

Reduced Reception Time The Astra Tech Dental Implant System has self-guiding components to ensure a tight and accurate fit at every stage of the implantation process. The search for the blanking screw and the installation of the abutment are carried out through a quick and easy process. No radiographic monitoring of the final abutment location is necessary. All this, combined with other time-saving factors, makes prosthetics simple and convenient for the entire implant team.