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Dental bridge or implant – which is better, more reliable and better?

Restoration of the dental system is not a novelty, but a daily practice for modern dentistry. Today, the absence of even a few teeth is not a reason for frustration. To restore lost teeth in the clinic can offer two ways-a bridge or an implant. The method of solving the problem will be different for each individual case.

Implant or bridge – which design should I choose to restore the dentition?

Each option has its pros and cons. The attending physician recommends the most optimal method of treatment, and the patient will already choose what suits him, based on financial capabilities and preferences. Bridge or implant-which is better?
Bridge prosthesis has its advantages:
Affordable price and minimal time spent on production.
Metal-ceramic products are characterized by strength and resistance to chewing loads.
The hue is maintained throughout the term of use.
This method of prosthetics has its drawbacks:
The need for sharpening adjacent teeth.
Ingestion of food under the product, which can lead to inflammatory processes with subsequent complications.
Loosening the structure over time, requires mandatory replacement.
Implantation will return confidence in your own uniqueness and beauty of the smile. Have several advantages:
No grinding of adjacent teeth is required.
The full functionality of the dental system is restored.
The correct distribution of the masticatory load.
Long service life (up to 20-25 years).
The disadvantages include:
The cost is much higher than other methods of prosthetics.
Duration of treatment (the entire period takes from 4 to 6 months).

Can I put a bridge on the implant?

Any structure will require a support. Install a bridge on the implant or tooth? When fixing on the native teeth necessarily need their turning, fixed with a pin or stump tabs. When relying on the implant, it is enough to implant a titanium root into the bone. Dental implantation provides a reliable, aesthetic and physiologically correct way to restore the dentition.
Dental bridge or implant: patient feedback will help dispel myths. It is important to read the reviews of real customers in advance, learn about the risks and possible complications. The professionalism of the dentist, individual characteristics of the body and many other factors must also be taken into account when making a choice between these methods.

Which is better – a dental implant or a bridge?

After weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, you can go directly to the process. The dental bridge or implant must not only have an aesthetic appearance, but also cope with the main function – the grinding of food. If the patient feels the slightest discomfort, pain, swelling, it is necessary to contact a dental clinic.
Choosing between a bridge or an implant to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dental system, you should listen to the advice of your doctor. In Sobolevsky’s dentistry, the doctor will tell you about all the risks of using a particular design, and recommend the best option.