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Dental implantation: consequences and possible complications

Problems with teeth concern people of different age categories. Caries, periodontitis, periodontal disease, malocclusion, toothache – with these and other dental diseases, patients seek help from dentists every day. What to do if a tooth or even several is missing for a long time? The answer is obvious-restore! Implantation is an operation to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition. “What are the complications and consequences after implantation?”this is the most frequent question that patients ask. Is there a risk of implant rejection and what contributes to an easy and fast recovery period?

Dental implants: disadvantages of a hasty decision

Complications after implantation occur in 10-15% of cases. What can this be related to?

When it comes to the front teeth, you want to quickly restore the aesthetics, returning the former beauty and irresistibility of a smile. There is no desire to wait from three to six months until the full implantation of the titanium screw, so the patient requires “make a tooth here and now”, choosing a single-stage method of restoring the dentition. This operation is characterized by a high load on the bone tissue, has a number of contradictions among dentists, and the risk of rejection with all its consequences increases almost twice. The only correct solution in this situation is to listen to your dentist. Believe me, you will definitely not flash a toothless smile during the entire treatment period.

Finding the cheapest clinic is another mistake that patients often make, and then complain about the consequences, blaming everyone around them, but not themselves. Health is not something to save on, so you need to carefully choose a dental hospital.

And yet-only the attending physician can answer your questions, tell you about the risks, make an individual clinical picture, and not the advice of “experienced” on the forum “dental implantation and its consequences”.

Dental implants: complications after implantation of the implant

Like any other type of surgery, implantation can have complications in the postoperative period. They are related to: the characteristics of the human body, it is impossible to predict with 100% certainty how it will react to the implantation of a foreign body; improper oral hygiene; neglect of doctor’s recommendations.

Complications include:

  • Bleeding. After surgery, the gums may bleed in the first few days. It is recommended not to use drugs that worsen blood clotting. If the bleeding does not stop, you need to contact your dentist.
  • Pain is a normal reaction of the body to surgery. The duration of this stage should not exceed three or four days, otherwise the pain may indicate an inflammatory process.
  • Seam discrepancies are quite rare. This may be due to mechanical damage to the threads. Doctors advise not to load the operated side, not to eat solid food and carefully examine the postoperative area until the wound is completely healed.

The probability that the artificial root will not take root is only 1%. You don’t have to worry about possible consequences if you entrust your dental health to a real professional. If you follow all the recommendations of your doctor and follow proper oral hygiene, the recovery period will be easy and painless.