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Dental implantation: stages of the procedure

A smile is not only a business card of every person, but also a powerful weapon that can be used to fight others. Unfortunately, there are situations when due to untimely or incorrect treatment, birth defects, injuries, people lose the integrity of the dentition. The loss of even one tooth can lead to difficulty chewing food, impaired diction, sagging jaw and displacement of adjacent teeth. That is why dentists do not advise to delay a visit to the clinic to restore the aesthetics and functionality of the dentition. Implantation will help restore the beauty of a smile and bring back the joy of your favorite dishes.

How it all happens: the stages of dental implantation.

The times when, having lost a tooth, you could forget about restoring their functionality, long ago burst into the past. Sobolevsky dentistry is equipped with the best equipment and materials to ensure that the dental implantation process is fast, painless and comfortable. The advantages of implants are that they do not differ in color and shape from the native teeth, the survival rate is 95-98%, do not require special care, and for installation do not need to grind the neighboring teeth. How does everything happen?

The sequence of implantation:

  • the diagnosis of the patient’s condition is carried out;
  • preparing for implant placement;
  • surgical procedure;
  • fixing the abutment and crown.

During the first visit, the doctor conducts a full examination of the oral cavity: the condition of the mucous membrane, the closing of the jaws, the presence and condition of dentures. If necessary, replace old fillings, treat tooth decay and leads to gum up. The patient should be required to pass tests to exclude the presence of viruses in the blood. Dental implantation is contraindicated for people with poor blood clotting, the presence of cancer, hepatitis, diseases of the endocrine and bone systems. It is not recommended to perform the operation for pregnant women. After that, a 3D image of the jaws is made to exclude the presence of cysts, granulomas, determine the volume of the bone and the method of the procedure.

On what day does the implantation take place?

Depending on the amount of bone tissue, the treatment method will differ. The timing and stages of dental implantation are determined for each individual case. If the patient has applied to the clinic in a timely manner, the procedure takes place in just one visit. This method allows you to install a titanium root, abutment and crown at once. It is not surprising that this method is popular, because the client gets a beautiful smile with minimal time. Stages of installation of dental implants in the classical method:

  • At the first visit, the implant is implanted in the bone tissue. The surgical operation is performed necessarily with the use of anesthesia, so that the patient does not feel pain during the process. The dentist cuts the gum, then drills a small hole in the bone tissue to implant the titanium root. An implant is placed in the prepared hole, and a plug is put on the protruding part of the metal rod (if necessary, the gum is sewn up). It takes three to six months for the artificial root to fully take root. Possible swelling and minor soreness of the operated site. To reduce pain, the doctor prescribes painkillers.
  • During the next visit, the second stage of dental implantation is performed — an abutment is screwed in (a transitional element for attaching the crown to the implant) and an impression is made, which will serve as the basis for creating the tooth. The collapsible design greatly simplifies and makes the subsequent replacement of the crown as fast as possible. The procedure takes about 10-20 minutes, usually no anesthesia is required.
  • At the last visit to the dental clinic, a crown is installed. The prosthesis is made taking into account the doctor’s recommendations and the client’s wishes. The implant function, shape and color does not differ from the native teeth. In just a few minutes, the patient can see a beautiful smile in the mirror.

How to prepare for all stages of implant placement.

During the first visit, the dentist will give recommendations on how to prepare for the operation. The risk of complications at the end of the stages of dental implantation will be minimal if you follow simple tips:

  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol a few days before surgery.
  • Do not drink a lot of liquid for an hour or two before implantation.
  • Before a visit to the clinic, eat loosely (the food should not be greasy or spicy).

In the postoperative period, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations: adhere to oral hygiene, rinse the operated area with special solutions, take (as prescribed) painkillers, try not to eat solid and hot food, about a week to minimize physical activity.

How to care for the oral cavity when all the stages of dental implantation are over.

The advantage of the implant is not only in its aesthetic and functional characteristics, but also in the long term of service. So, in the dental clinic Sobolevsky set dentures, the service life of which is more than 20-25 years. Artificial teeth do not require special care, it is enough to observe oral hygiene:

  • brush your teeth twice a day;
  • after each meal, rinse the mouth or use dental floss;
  • visit the dentist twice a year for a preventive examination.

It is interesting to see the implantation process in detail? Nothing is impossible these days! You can watch a detailed video of the stages of dental implantation. And in our clinic will help you regain confidence in your own irresistibility.

Give your smile to others, so that it has not once returned to you!