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Dental implants — does it hurt or not?

To date, dental implants are the most popular procedure for restoring the dentition. This service is provided by dental clinics around the world, and it is performed in several stages. Although this method of restoring the functionality of dental units is popular, but patients are concerned about the question:”does it Hurt to put a tooth implant?” One of the main rules of painless and comfortable treatment is the professionalism of the doctor, who is not afraid to trust the health of the teeth.

Dental implants-does it hurt?

Prosthetics on implants involves screwing a titanium screw into the bone tissue, which will serve as a support for the crown. It is this stage that makes people a little uneasy. Modern dental clinics use advanced techniques, so you can put aside fears and concerns.
Does it hurt to have a tooth implanted? Effective painkillers block the nerve endings for the duration of the operation, which allows you to completely eliminate pain. The patient feels only slight discomfort from the manipulations performed, which can be compared to the simplest treatment of dental units.
Anaesthetics are selected individually, the dosage is accurately calculated, and the injection is injected into the area of the operated area. As a rule, the implant is implanted using local anesthesia. The effectiveness of the drug lasts from two to six hours, so the person does not feel pain in the oral cavity even after 2-4 hours after the procedure is completed. For patients who experience fear and anxiety, sedation can be additionally applied, which allows them to relax and sink into a state of semi-sleep.

Does it hurt to put an implant?

The procedure is painless, which makes the restoration of teeth comfortable for everyone who has decided to return the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition. Does it hurt to put a tooth implant if you need to renew the entire dental system? Depending on the complexity of manipulations and individual characteristics of the body, the doctor may recommend General anesthesia.

When choosing an analgesic method, the dentist is guided by the following factors:

  • intolerance to components included in local anaesthetics;
  • complexity and stages of the operation;
  • a gag reflex that a person is not able to suppress on their own;
  • presence of various forms of mental illness;
  • panic and anxiety.

Does implantation hurt or not? In the hands of an experienced specialist, the operating process is fast, painless and comfortable.

  • Initially, the implantologist will make a treatment plan, select an individual pain medication, focusing on clinical indicators.
  • Before implantation of the implant is carried out sanitation of the oral cavity. Depending on the complexity of the manipulations, the dentist may prescribe local anesthesia.
  • Root removal and implant screwing are performed using local anesthetics or General anesthesia. The person does not feel pain, only feels a slight pressure of dental instruments used by the doctor.
  • The final stage is the installation of the crown. It passes without pain, so no anesthesia is required.

At Sobolevsky Dentistry, we use proven painkillers and recommend only the best to our patients.