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Dental implants-is it harmful or not?

The loss of teeth is a big problem, because the functions of the body are disrupted, and the person feels shy and awkward because of their absence. In our progressive world, it is possible to restore the absence of both individual units and the entire dentition by implantation. Patients are unknowingly initially afraid of this type of surgery, like any other operation, but trusting their health to an experienced implantologist, you can not worry about the danger of dental implantation. This is a reliable and long-term method of reconstructing the dental system. The operation allows you to restore functionality and aesthetics even to long-lost teeth, returning the dazzling beauty of a smile.

Dental implants-is it harmful or not?

After reading various reviews on forums, patients often cross the threshold of the dental office with caution. Finding a clinic with a good reputation and your dentist is one of the important questions. The next step is to get a high-quality consultation with an implantologist. To do this, you will need to pass all the necessary tests, based on which the doctor will make a treatment plan and answer all your questions.
Sometimes people confuse reviews about the harm of dental implants with contraindications. These are completely different concepts and should not be confused. Contraindications to this method of reconstructing dental units include severe diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, cancer, diabetes, and pathologies of the immune system. In such cases, an alternative method is classical prosthetics.

What is the danger of dental implants?

If we talk about the danger, we should separate such concepts as individual characteristics of the body, when there is a risk of rejection of the titanium root – implant, and the professionalism of an implantology specialist. In dentistry, where modern equipment is used and real professionals work, implantation is completely harmless to the human body and gives a high positive and aesthetic result:

  • To date, prosthetics on implants is the best solution for restoring the dentition, and the survival rate of the titanium rod is 99%.
  • The implant prevents bone atrophy and functions on a par with native teeth.
  • Easy maintenance of the structure.
  • The artificial root has a long service life, and its implantation does not require sharpening neighboring dental units.
  • The color of the crown is selected to match the native enamel.

Therefore, it is wrong to say that dental implants are harmful. The final result and duration of the recovery period are influenced by the following factors:

  • implant quality;
  • the professionalism of the doctor;
  • errors may occur during the installation of a titanium root.

It is important to take a responsible approach to choosing a dental clinic and an implantologist. You should follow all the instructions of your doctor so that the rehabilitation process is quick, painless and without complications. You do not need to be afraid of anything new, and it is desirable to consult not on forums, but with a dentist who will make a treatment plan for each individual case, answer all your questions, and tell you about the correctness of oral care after surgery.
Taking care of your own health starts with you!