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Dental implants: recommendations after surgery

Teeth are an integral part of our image. It is important to carefully monitor their health: visit the dental office, hygiene of the oral cavity, it is necessary to restore their functionality. Implants are a reliable, safe and long-lasting way to renew the dentition. If everything is simple and clear with native teeth, then what is the regime to follow after dental implantation? The artificial root requires proper care, so that the titanium rod fuses faster with the bone tissue, the rehabilitation period passed without complications, and the entire structure served faithfully for many years.

Dental implants: post-surgery care

Do not be afraid and worry about the consequences after surgery, if the case is taken by a real professional. At the initial appointment, the implantologist will draw up a treatment map, select the most appropriate method of prosthetics for each individual case, and give recommendations after implantation.
It is important to clearly follow simple instructions and trust your doctor, then the healing and recovery process will be painless and without complications.

Recommendations after implantation of the tooth

  • Cold compresses with ice will help to remove puffiness, reduce bleeding, you can use a hot water bottle with ice water. On the first day, you can apply a compress to the operated area every hour and keep it for up to 10 minutes, the next 2-3 days should be reduced to 5 times a day.
  • Food rules. One of the main requirements is the minimum load on the implant for two to three days after surgery. At the end of the procedure for implantation of the implant, it is desirable to refuse to eat for 3 hours. In the first days after dental implantation, you can not eat solid foods, hot, cold, sour dishes, as they can irritate the mucous tissue. You need to chew on the healthy side, so as not to injure the wound.
  • Proper oral hygiene is the key to a beautiful smile and proper functionality of the dentition. It is necessary to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, try not to catch the gum in the place where the implant is installed.
  • Rinsing is undesirable in the first day after surgery, preferably rinsing from the second day. As a solution, you can use antiseptics or decoctions of such herbs: chamomile, calendula, oak, sage.
  • Antibiotics and painkillers should be used strictly as prescribed by a doctor.

Contraindications after dental implantation

Treatment should be comfortable, and the healing period should be quick and painless. In this process, you should follow the recommendations of the dentist, so as not to harm your own health.

What not to do after dental implants:

  • Drink alcoholic beverages and smoke. It is recommended to give up bad habits about three weeks before the operation and for the same period after it. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes irritate the soft tissues of the mucosa, provoke bleeding, which reduces the likelihood of rapid fusion of the implant with the bone.
  • Do sport. It is necessary to limit any physical activity after dental implantation for a period of up to two weeks to give the body the strength to recover.
  • You can not visit saunas, solariums and baths after dental implantation. Due to high temperatures, blood flow may increase, and therefore there is a risk of complications and the likelihood of infection.
  • Eat solid food. It is recommended to review the diet, exclude solid foods (which can injure the gums and cause the seams to diverge), add soft foods to the menu: cottage cheese, yogurt, puree.

Touch the operated area with your hands, tongue, or other objects to avoid infection or injury to the gums. If the patient feels discomfort, you should inform the implantologist.

Following all the dentist’s recommendations after dental implantation speeds up the healing process and minimizes the risk of complications.