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Front teeth implantation – how does everything happen?

Losing a tooth always causes discomfort. It is doubly unpleasant to lose your front tooth. In such cases, you want to solve the problem as soon as possible to return the irresistible smile. Restoration of the front teeth is one of the most popular procedures in dental practice. Without precise planning of the operation, diagnosis and professionalism of the doctor, it is impossible to get a positive aesthetic result. The beauty of a smile depends on the harmonious combination of these requirements.

Front tooth implant: design features

The implant is an artificial titanium root that is screwed into the bone and serves as a support for the abutment and crown. The titanium screw for the front tooth implantation differs from the rest, which is due to the structure of the incisor.

Thus, the distinctive characteristics should include:

  • Small diameter. The smile area has a lower chewing load than the chewing molars, so the screw diameter will differ, which reduces the negative impact on the surrounding tissues.
  • The special design of the thread allows not only to reliably strengthen the artificial root, but also to speed up the processes of implantation and regeneration of bone tissue.
  • The composition of the coating is as close as possible to the color of the native teeth.

In some cases, additional bone augmentation surgery may be required to implant the upper front teeth. Long-term absence of teeth and individual characteristics of the body are the main indicators for sinus lifting, which will be reported by the attending physician after drawing up the clinical picture.

Can an implant on the front tooth not take root?

There is a risk of implant rejection, as the dentist will tell you before the procedure. Failure to follow the doctor’s recommendations, improper oral care, and individual characteristics of the body are the main reasons why rejection can occur. Sobolevsky Dentistry employs real professionals, and implants take root in 99% of cases.

The procedure for restoring the dental system takes place in several stages:

  • Preparatory. The operation is planned, the necessary tests are collected, and the oral cavity is sanitized. If there is not enough bone volume, bone grafting is performed.
  • Surgical. Implantation of a titanium screw in place of the lost root. Surgery is performed using anesthesia and lasts 20-40 minutes. A temporary structure is installed on the rod.
  • Orthopedic. The crown is installed after the full implantation of the titanium screw (it will take from three to six months). The material for crowns is often metal-free ceramics: it is characterized by a long term of service, the color is identical to the native shade of tooth enamel.

The care of the front implant is not different from the care of the native teeth. Be sure to visit the dentist twice a year, follow the doctor’s recommendations and oral hygiene.

Choosing a clinic for implantation of front teeth, patient reviews, photos before and after — the necessary ” puzzles” of the overall picture, which indicate the professionalism of the doctor and the status of the clinic itself.

You only need to trust the beauty of a smile to a professional who will take care of the health of your teeth.