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How is a tooth implant placed?

Beautiful smile – health, confidence and the ability to enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes. How many people can boast of healthy native teeth? Statistics say that today the percentage of toothless people in our country is more than 15 %. Agree, not a small number, but modern dentistry introduces advanced techniques to restore even long-lost teeth, answers exciting questions: how to put an implant, how to care for artificial teeth, etc. today, implantation is an opportunity to return functionality and aesthetics to the dentition.

How will the tooth implant be placed?

The implant is a titanium rod that is screwed into the bone tissue of the jaw. It replaces the root and will support the crown with an abutment (the transition element between the visible part of the tooth and the titanium screw). How do you put a tooth implant? Upon completion of preparation, rehabilitation and analysis, you can proceed to the operation. In order to correctly and reliably screw the implant into the gum (this is a “popular” expression, and is implanted in the bone), the gum is carefully cut and pierced. In the bone tissue with the help of special tools, a bed is made, in which an artificial root is fixed. A plug is placed on top and stitches are applied. After the procedure, instruction is given on the proper care of the oral cavity. It is very important to switch to soft food and give up physical activity within two weeks after surgery.

Where to put a tooth implant: the right approach to choosing a clinic and dentist.

The choice of a dental office and the attending physician should be taken with full responsibility. It is important to study customer reviews in advance, view the doctor’s file of works. From who put the tooth implant, the status of the clinic will depend on the service life of the product and the duration of the recovery period, but do not forget about the individual characteristics of the body. Trusting the health of your teeth to the dentist, you need to listen to the recommendations and advice of the doctor.

Put a dental implant: how long will the procedure last?

From the first consultation to the establishment of the crown takes from three to six months. The longest stage is the implant healing, only after that the abutment is fixed with the crown. The operation to implant the titanium rod lasts about 15-20 minutes. Such indicators are typical for the classical method. The use of advanced technologies, gentle anesthesia make the process painless and comfortable.
Dental implant: what the patient should know.

Dental implants do not require special care.

The color is chosen to match the natural shade of tooth enamel, so the difference will not be noticeable to others.
There is no need to grind the adjacent teeth to implant the rod, and the entire structure can last up to 20-25 years with proper care.
After you put a dental implant, you need to follow the advice of your doctor, reduce physical activity to a minimum, do not take solid food, do not visit the bath and pool for about 10-14 days after manipulation.
It is necessary to observe oral hygiene and timely contact the dentist.
After implantation, patients have many exciting questions:

Put the implant, what’s next?
Be sure to clearly follow the recommendations of a specialist. Take prescribed medications, avoid physical activity, refuse to fly, exclude hot and spicy dishes, do not visit the pool and bath. These requirements must be met up to two weeks after the operation.

Put a dental implant when you can eat?
The first few hours (from 2 to 5) it is desirable not to eat. The main rule is to try to eat more liquid, soft and pureed food. Warm broths, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, shredded porridge-the perfect menu in the postoperative period.

Got an implant, swollen cheek?
Swelling and swelling is a normal reaction of the body to injury of soft tissues. The swelling may be within 2-3 days, after which the swelling should subside. If your cheek hurts, your body temperature has risen above 38 degrees, make an appointment with a specialist.

Tooth implant: technology of conducting?
Modern dentistry practices classical and one-step methods. With a two-step intervention, you will see the desired smile in the mirror after 4-6 months, but you will get a strong, reliable and durable construction.

The warranty on the implant tooth?
The warranty depends on the selected option. Products of foreign manufacturers are characterized by a longer term of service, when compared with domestic. The service life is affected by the professionalism of the implantologist, the characteristics of the body, hygiene. Typically, the warranty ranges from 10 to 20 years.

Is it dangerous to put a tooth implant?
This is one of the most common fears. It is dangerous to be treated in dubious clinics, to use the services of unverified “specialists”. If the case is taken by a professional, you can discard all the experiences. But it is important to clearly fulfill the requirements in the postoperative and recovery period.
Does the implant put pressure on the nerve and the adjacent tooth?
Due to the close operation of the cutters during surgery, pressure may be felt on the nerve in relation to the nerve. To speed up recovery in some cases, a course of physical therapy is prescribed. Swelling, discomfort may be felt 7-10 days after the procedure. If the symptoms do not go away, you should consult a doctor.

How long does a dental implant last?
You do not need to blindly believe that the implant will serve for the rest of your life. With proper oral care, timely visits to the dental office, it will last up to 20-25 years.
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