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Implants Ankylos implantat

Today, implant prosthetics is a solid component of modern dentistry. The growing demands of patients on high-quality prosthetics in terms of functionality, which are also aesthetic at the same time, have led to an increase in the requirements for surgical flexibility of modern implant systems.

The Ankylos implant system meets these requirements to a high degree thanks to its design and application features

ANKYLOS implant is used for all clinical indications for use. High reliability of the system does not depend on the location in the upper or lower jaw. This is due, among other things, to the presence of a patented progressive special thread that optimally provides primary stability and successful osseointegration even in less dense bone tissue.

Advantages of Ankylos Dental Implants

The concept of the German implant system ANKYLOS is different from what is currently on the market. First of all, this is a unique combination of implant and abutment, on which the crown is fixed. This design has the shape of a cone.

Compared to the traditional hexagonal connection, the cone has a number of very important advantages. The joint is very strong, reliable, there is no micro-gap between the abutment and the implant, which can lead to loosening and fracture of the joint. Moisture and bacteria from the mouth can enter the crevice, causing an unpleasant odor.

The surface relief of ANKYLOS implants, obtained by precision blasting in combination with progressive special thread, provides high primary stability in the layers of bone with a weak structure and the possibility of earlier loading on the implant. In standard technology, a prosthesis can be installed in the upper and lower jaw three months later. Thanks to the conical connection, the dentist has the widest possibilities for prosthetics. You can select the future denture design as accurately as possible.

We suggest visiting a site with detailed information about implants: ANKYLOS

ANKYLOS Implant System

TissueCare concept. Attractive long-term result.

Over the course of 20 years, the reliable, stable and durable ANKYLOS implant system convinces with all clinical indications by predictably natural aesthetics and special mechanical stability. The cone connection is designed for initial and long-term tissue stability: the high-precision TissueCare Connection almost completely eliminates micromotion and virtually eliminates microbial contamination. This concept absolutely convinces in its form and strength, manifesting itself in the absence of bone tissue atrophy and the long-term stability of healthy soft tissues around the implant. ANKYLOS implant system. New perspectives. Predictable stability.

Stable, predictable results for you and your patients? The ANKYLOS implant system convinces: the unique “TissueCare Connection”, which transfers the border of the transition from the implant to the abutment closer to the center of the implant, thereby protecting the tissue surrounding the implant from mechanical influences and penetration of microbes. An additional space is created on the implant platform for the soft tissue surrounding the implant. The location of the implants below the top of the alveolar ridge and the presence of a microstructure on the implant platform enable adhesion of bone cells up to the abutment, which is an additional support for the underlying soft tissues. This creates the best conditions for a long-lasting red and white aesthetic. Implant “ANKYLOS C / X”. Simplified surgery. Free choice of orthopedic solutions.

Simple application and at the same time the highest functionality and increased requirements for aesthetic results?

Implants Ankylos Germany (Ankylos) create the best conditions for this.

The new ANKYLOS C / X implant placement system allows you to evaluate the placement of implant platforms also when placing implants below the top of the alveolar ridge. Progressive thread design allows easy and gentle tissue placement of implants. Convincing in form and strength, the TissueCare Connection concept gives you complete freedom of action regarding surgery and orthopedics. And this is with a single diameter for all orthopedic components: any abutment is freely combined with any implant * – now also with the possibility of indexing. At the same time, a long-term excellent result and high profitability are achieved at low storage costs.