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Implants Straumann Roxolid

Jan Gotlow, University of Gothenburg

Roxolid ™ is the first material developed specifically for dental implant dentists. Implants made from this unique new material have a SLActive® surface that has been scientifically proven to be effective. The combination of Roxolid ™ alloy and SLActive® surface provides high reliability and strength of implants. Roxolid ™ is another step towards improving clinical standards, which means better medical care for patients, and this is one of Straumann’s key objectives.

Straumann Roxolid: Material Composition

A metal alloy with a homogeneous structure. The composition of the alloy includes titanium and zirconium
Strength of the material from which the Strauman implant is made
Higher Strength Compared to Annealed and Cold Rolled Titanium
Straumann Roxolid has unique mechanical properties, which provides greater reliability and treatment flexibility when using implants with a small diameter

Osteoblast response to a Straumann implant

Titanium and zirconium, which is part of the Roxolid ™ alloy, do not slow down the growth of osteoblasts. Inhibition of osteoblast growth when using other metals means that only titanium and zirconium contribute to the process of osseointegration


Straumann Roxolid Implants Have Better Bone Contact
Studies show greater effectiveness of Straumann Roxolid implants compared to SLActive titanium implants
Clinical use of Straumann Roxolid small diameter implants
In some cases, the installation of larger diameter implants is associated with certain difficulties. The use of RoxolidTM implants allows clinicians to conduct successful treatment in the following situations:
• Small interdental space
• Narrow alveolar ridge
• Lack of lateral incisors as a result of primary adentia
• Maximizing available bone volume and circulatory system
• Providing maximum support for the vestibular bone wall
The use of Straumann Roxolid implants allows you to make treatment more flexible.
Confidence when installing Straumann implants with small diameter
Since high loads act on the implant, good osseointegration is an essential condition for successful treatment. This is especially important to consider when installing implants with a small diameter. The combination of Roxolid ™ alloy and SLActive® surface provides excellent osseointegration with high load resistance. Mechanical test results indicate that Roxolid ™ implants are more durable than titanium implants. The high strength of the implants is combined with the hydrophilic surface of SLActive®. According to the results of a number of preclinical and clinical studies, the use of implants with the SLActive® surface allows achieving excellent osseointegration. Now you can install implants with a small diameter, without thinking about the risk of their fractions.
Straumann Implant: great flexibility when choosing a treatment option
When patients come to you, you always try to offer them the best treatment option. But for this you must have freedom of choice. Since the installation of implants with a small diameter is associated with a number of limitations (insufficient mechanical strength, limitations associated with indications for treatment, insufficient flexibility in choosing orthopedic components), the possibilities for choosing treatment options are narrowed. A non-intervention study has shown that Roxolid implants are often used in the treatment of patients. The use of Roxolid ™ implants with a small diameter allows for more flexible treatment. Now you can always choose the best treatment option, even when managing specific clinical cases.
Strauman implants are specifically designed to facilitate patient implant treatment.
Patients are becoming more demanding. Accordingly, you are trying to choose the most comfortable and effective treatment option for the patient. The use of implants with a small diameter provides greater freedom of choice.
Roxolid ™ alloy guarantees the safety and reliability of the installation of small diameter implants. Perhaps Roxolid ™ implants are exactly what you are looking for.