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MegaGen AnyRidge Implants

Implant MegaGen AnyRidge – implantation of a new generation!

MegaGen AnyRidge implant system is one of a kind, there are no analogues in the world! This is the implant of tomorrow, which embodies what the dentist and patient could only dream of. Megagen Enridge implants are the embodiment of innovative developments and bold engineering solutions combined with modern biotechnologies. Doctors have a question when working with the Eniridge system … are Korean engineers more talented than German, Swedish and American specialists … ?!

In other words, MegaGen AnyRidge are tomorrow’s implants that you can use today.

But…! Only for experienced doctors!

What are the features of the implant system Megagen Enridge:

1) Unique design
Thanks to its unique design, the Enigrid implant is equally well fixed in both hard and soft bones. This means that on the lower jaw, where the bone is dense and on the upper jaw, where the bone is soft, a permanent crown can be installed after 2 months!
2) Comfortable installation
Only 1 drill is used to install the implant, which makes the installation process as comfortable as possible.
3) The ability to avoid drilling
After tooth extraction, the Meggen Enridge implant can be installed in place of the extracted tooth without drilling at all.
4) No need to do extra bone grafting
To install the implant in a narrow bone, no additional bone grafting is necessary to expand it! The implant itself expands the bone! Analogues among other implant systems today do not exist. Instead of the 10-12 months that are required with traditional bone grafting, 3 months is enough for engraftment of implants and the formation of a new bone and the start of prosthetics.
5) The surface area of ​​the Enigid implant is 2 times larger than a conventional implant of the same size
The surface area of ​​the Enigrid implant is 2 times larger than a conventional implant of the same size, which allows fixing short implants with the same result as long ones, which means that bone grafting can be avoided even with insufficient bone height. If the height of the bone on the upper jaw is more than 4 mm, you can do without sinus lifting!
6) An implant with a thread diameter of 5.5 mm can be screwed in through a hole with a diameter of 3 mm
This allows maximum preservation of bone tissue, and at the same time increase the area of ​​contact of the implant with the bone. And the larger the area of ​​contact of the implant with the bone, the greater the load it can withstand.
7) Great engraftment
Due to the unique nanocoating in one layer of calcium ions (!), The implant engraftment is much faster than with conventional implants and has the best quality.
8) More than 55 implant sizes
They allow you to install the implant in any situation, both with a narrow bone, and with a lack of bone tissue height.
9) Unique 5-degree integration of the implant with the abutment
Completely eliminate the unwinding of the fixing screw and loosening of the permanent crowns. The screw is only needed to close the Morse curve. The abutments continue to be firmly fixed in the implant even if the locking screw is completely unscrewed.
10) Can be installed without gingival incisions
The Megagen Enridge implant can be installed without gingival incisions, and it takes only 1 minute to install the implant.
11) The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on all components of the Enridge system!