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Modern methods of dental implantation in dentistry

Today, dentistry is rapidly developing, implementing and applying innovative solutions to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dental system. You can restore the beauty and irresistibility of a smile with a single, multiple, or long-term absence of teeth. Modern methods of dental implantation allow you to choose the most optimal method for replacing lost teeth with artificial structures for each individual case.

Dental implantation: methods of performing surgery to restore the dentition.
After the conclusion of a complete clinical picture, the implantologist can recommend to the patient the most optimal way to restore the dentition, based on functional, aesthetic and clinical indications. The method of dental implantation also depends on the type of implants that will be used for the operation. Today, implants are usually used for intraosseous procedures to replace lost teeth.

There are the following methods of dental implantation:
Classic. Widely used in practice, it is characterized by a high degree of implant survival – 98-99% (the indicator depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the manufacturer of the chosen design and the professionalism of the implantologist). It is carried out in two stages: the first is installed in the bone titanium rod, the second – a prosthesis. A full course of treatment can take from six months to one year – perhaps the only drawback of dental implantation of traditional methods.
Intra-mucosal. Performed to improve the fixation of removable prostheses. The indication is the inability to perform a classic procedure: defects of the palate, bone atrophy. The implant consists of two parts: one is fixed in the oral mucosa, the other – to the removable structure. It also has its own contraindications, which will be reported by the doctor after passing all the necessary tests.
Basal. Methods of dental implantation have many contradictions among dentists. Prosthetics are performed as soon as possible after implantation of the implant itself, without large incisions and sutures. Thanks to the special design of the artificial root, it is possible to restore the functionality of the dental system with a small amount of bone (only 4 mm is enough for fixing). With traditional prosthetics, an additional operation to restore bone tissue would be required to implant the implant.
The latest methods of dental implantation in dental practice
The main task of the implantologist is to sort everything out, tell about all the stages, so that the patient is not afraid of complex new terms. The most advanced in modern dental implantation is laser implantology. This is safe, high-quality and reliable. Instead of a surgical scalpel, a laser is used, which reduces pain and reduces the dose of anesthetics. Soft tissues are dissected by a laser beam, which ensures that the procedure is bloodless. The laser also has an antibacterial effect, minimizes injuries and reduces the rehabilitation period. In terms of cost, surgical intervention using a laser beam is 30-60% higher when compared with classical technology.

Sobolevsky Dentistry uses advanced methods of implantation, using implants from leading manufacturers: Neobiotech, MegaGen, Nobel Biocare, Straumann Roxolid and others. A harmonious combination of doctor’s professionalism, high – quality structures, advanced technologies, well-coordinated work of the doctor and the patient is the key to a beautiful smile and minimal time spent for the entire period of treatment.