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New technologies of dental implantation

Dental health is an important component of the well-coordinated functioning of the body as a whole. It is important to observe oral hygiene, visit the dentist in a timely manner and restore lost teeth. The latest dental implantation technologies allow you to easily, quickly, efficiently and almost painlessly restore the functionality of the dental system. A person gets a perfect smile, and with it – confidence in their own irresistibility and the opportunity to enjoy the taste of their favorite dishes again.

Dental implantation: new technologies in the practice of modern dentistry.
The best clinics around the world follow innovative methods so that the treatment process is as comfortable as possible, and the aesthetic result pleases both the doctor and the patient. Implantation itself is an advanced technique for restoring chewing functions and aesthetic appearance of the dentition. Various dental implantation techniques allow you to determine the most optimal method of prosthetics for each patient. For the operation, a titanium rod is used, which is implanted in the bone, and fully replaces the native root. Titanium has proven itself in dental practice: the material takes root in 98-99% of cases (this indicator also depends on the professionalism of the implantologist, individual characteristics of the body).

Modern technology of dental implants
Innovative developments and their application in practice allows you to get high-quality implants that, with proper care, can serve even for life. What is new in dental implants in recent years?

Digital modeling and planning is a visualization process that allows you to study and analyze the result before the start of surgery. The computer program gives a clear picture taking into account possible anomalies of the dentition, diseases of the oral cavity and even facial expressions. The risks of incorrect treatment with digital modeling are reduced to zero, which saves the doctor from mistakes, and gives the patient confidence in a successful result.
The installation of implants in the jaw with a bone deficit is another advanced technology of dental implantation, which involves bone augmentation with bone grafting or sinus lifting followed by implantation of the implant. It is possible to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition system even in the absence of teeth for a long time.
Using surgical templates reduces risks and complications by up to 99% when the implant is screwed in at the wrong angle. Templates optimize and speed up the course of surgery.
Using a laser is an innovative method of dental implantation, the technology of which consists in using a laser beam instead of a scalpel. It cleans the operated area from bacteria and minimizes soft tissue injuries. When using a laser, the rehabilitation period takes less time than with classic prosthetics on implants, and the procedure itself becomes more comfortable and less painful.
Different types and special coating of implants. Special designs of titanium roots, in some cases, allow the operation to be performed without bone extension, when its height is only 4 mm. The special surface of the material accelerates the processes of integration and fixation of the implant in the bone tissue.
New technologies of dental implantation-an opportunity to restore the functionality of the teeth and get a beautiful smile.