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Human teeth grow twice – milk and permanent. If in the first case, as a child, you can be happy that a new one will grow instead of a temporary one, then the loss of a permanent tooth can become a real tragedy. Modern medicine does not stand still, develops, implements the latest techniques to restore the functions and aesthetics of the dentition. What is implantation in dentistry? This is an opportunity to enjoy the taste of your favorite food, without hesitation to smile and be confident in your own uniqueness.

A tooth implant is not just a titanium rod.

And here’s where the fun begins. Most people mistakenly think that an implant is a “ready-made tooth”. What is an implant really? This is an artificial root and a reliable support for the crown. Titanium screw with a diameter of 3-5 mm is implanted in the bone tissue, does not cause allergies and is almost not rejected by the human body. Implant in the upper jaw and / or lower, in the smile area-today it is possible to restore not only functionality, but also aesthetic appearance.
The advantages of this method of treatment is that the implant does not need to grind the adjacent teeth, you can restore the entire jaw at once.

Dental implant: structure and main types of structures

The screw is made of pure titanium. The material perfectly takes root, the risk of rejection by the body is minimal, it can withstand high chewing loads. A tooth implant is a product that is collapsible and unassembled by its structure. The collapsible design is composed of the body of screw caps, healing abutment, plugs and sockets. The unassembled model is integral and is used for single-stage implantation.
Collapsible differ in shape: rhizoid, lamellar, combined. Depending on which area needs surgery, the type of implant will differ.

A dental implant is a modern solution for restoring the dentition.

The operation takes place in two stages. To see a beautiful smile in the mirror, you will need several visits to the dentist. At the first visit, a full examination of the oral cavity is performed, the patient passes all the tests necessary for further treatment. A dental implant is a reliable support in the bone structure with a screw thread. The titanium rod mimics the natural root and is located in the bone.
The implant for the chewing tooth must withstand a high load. It is the molars and premolars that are responsible for grinding food. Each individual case requires individual measurements to ensure the aesthetic effect and durability of products. Often, for molars, the choice is made in favor of elongated and wider implants.
The implant instead of the molar tooth does not differ from the native root, and the color of the crown is selected to match the natural shade of tooth enamel. The surgical procedure takes a maximum of an hour, after implantation of an artificial root on the gum sutures are applied, the attending physician instructs on oral care in the postoperative period. It will take from three to six months for complete healing, after which you can proceed to the final stage-the attachment of the crown.
Implants for 6 and 7 teeth are better accustomed if they have a porous, rough, covered with a special coating surface. The sizes of artificial roots should correspond to the natural ones as much as possible: the diameter is not less than 4 mm, and the length is from 10 mm. the Operation is performed with the use of painkillers.
The canine implant must be selected carefully, because it carries the highest loads when grinding products, is located on the border of two functional groups-chewing and incisors (it must combine these groups). The shade of the crown is selected to match the natural color of the enamel.
The implant of the front upper tooth will relieve the patient from stiffness and constraint, provide an aesthetic appearance. The front part of the jaw does not have a strong load, but they are important for every person. The small diameter of the rod allows to minimize soft tissue damage, while the structure is securely fixed in the bone. Only the attending physician can recommend the most optimal implant option for each individual case.

The service life of the implant and the feature of oral care after its installation.

In this matter, everything depends on the professionalism of the dentist, the individual characteristics of the body and the patient. The product can serve up to 20-25 years, some foreign manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their product. Oral hygiene also plays an important role. It is necessary to carry out high-quality cleaning every day and be sure to visit the dentist twice a year.
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