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What is dental implantation?

There is nothing better than our native teeth. But there is also no guarantee that they will serve for the rest of their lives. Due to various injuries, birth defects, untimely and incorrect treatment, you can lose one or even several teeth. Dental implantation is the restoration of the functionality and aesthetics of the dental system. This method of prosthetics will help solve the problem of single and multiple missing teeth.

What is dental implantation?
The most advanced method of modern dentistry allows you to resume the dentition even with a long and complete absence of teeth. In place of the lost root, a dental implant is implanted into the bone tissue – this is a titanium screw that will serve as a strong and reliable support for the crown. Its construction consists of the screw itself and the abutment – the ” adapter” between the artificial root and the crown. A full-fledged design is called a prosthesis. Externally, they do not differ from native teeth, saving a person from aesthetic discomfort. How does the procedure work?

Dental implantation: stages of an advanced method of dental restoration.
Preparatory. The doctor collects the patient’s dental and General medical history. To do this, the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity are examined, panoramic images are taken to assess the completeness of the image, bone density is assessed (in some cases, additional surgery may be required to increase it), and possible diseases are treated.
Surgical. The main and most difficult stage, comparable to fine jewelry work. Intraosseous dental implantation requires professionalism from the implantologist. This will depend on the speed of engraftment of the implant, and the rehabilitation period. An experienced doctor will do everything quickly and efficiently, reduce pain to zero. Under the artificial root, a bed is formed in place of the lost one. Then the implant is installed together with a plug to prevent ingrowing of soft tissues into the internal channels of the titanium rod, and stitches are applied to the operated area.
Orthopedic. The final stage is performed after complete fusion of the implant with the bone (it will take from 2 to 6 months). The plug is replaced with a support head-abutment, casts are removed. Future models of crowns are made based on the received impressions.
What problems are solved with dental implants?
The rapid development of dentistry and the use of advanced techniques make it possible to give a patient’s smile a second life.

Dental implantation has a number of undeniable advantages:
Neighboring teeth remain intact and do not need to be turned, as, for example, with classic prosthetics.
The color is selected to match the natural shade of enamel.
The load on the bone tissue is maintained, which prevents its atrophy.
After carrying out a dental implantation quickly resumed a normal bite.
Titanium screw successfully takes root in 98% of cases.
You can perform the procedure directly after removing the native root, if there are no contraindications.
The implant does not require special care: it is enough to brush your teeth twice a day and visit a dental clinic in a timely manner.
The rehabilitation period depends on the individual characteristics of the body, clear compliance with all the doctor’s recommendations and proper oral hygiene. After surgery, it is also necessary to refrain for two to three weeks from physical activity, Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, visiting the bath and sauna, then the healing process will be quick and painless.

In the matter of restoring the dentition, an important task is to find a professional who can be safely trusted with the health of the oral cavity. During the consultation, the dentist will tell you what dental implantation is, about possible complications, and how to care for artificial teeth. Modern dentistry solves problems of any complexity, allowing you to choose the most convenient way to restore the dental system for each individual case.

Dental implantation is an opportunity to enjoy again the taste of your favorite food and the irresistibility of a smile.