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Dental services

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is required in cases of tooth damage, advanced form of caries or pulpitis. Our teeth anatomically consist of a crown (the visible part, located above the gum) and the root (not visible, in the jaw bone). Each tooth has narrow canals, they extend from the root to the pulp chamber (located in the center of the tooth). Bacteria enter the pulp and cause inflammation of the root canals, the cause is caries, tooth trauma and improper and / or untimely treatment.

Acute or aching pain, swelling of the gums, hypersensitivity, discoloration of the gums near the affected tooth are the main signals in order to seek help at a dental clinic.

After diagnosis, the doctor determines the treatment method. Initially, the tooth is anesthetized, the pulp chamber opens through the crown to gain access to the inflamed nerve. After this, the inflamed tissue is removed, and the canal itself is cleaned and washed using tools. The channels are sealed with a special material (gutta-percha), which is resistant to various types of influences, the presence of voids is not allowed. After that, the crown itself is filled. You do not need to be afraid of the dentist and do not put off  the trip to the clinic. The use of modern painkillers makes the root canal treatment process absolutely comfortable and painless.