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Our teeth undergo both external and internal damage. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the root of the tooth and adjacent tissues. Such a disease is common in dental practice and is a consequence of advanced caries, untimely and / or incorrect treatment. Pulpitis (they say – inflammation of the nerve) can go into periodontitis with complication or improper treatment.

Soft tissue inflammation occurs due to various infectious diseases, injuries to the jaw and teeth. In order to cure periodontitis, it is important to diagnose the problem at an early stage, overcome your fear and seek the help of a dentist. If you do not consult a doctor on time, then there is a high probability of losing a tooth.

Periodontitis may be acute or chronic. In the first case, the patient feels a strong pulsating pain, feels swelling in the gum and cheeks, the body temperature rises, tooth mobility is felt.

In chronic periodontitis, the tooth externally, as a rule, has no visible damage. The main symptoms: during chewing, teeth hurt, gums hurt at night.

Depending on the form of periodontitis, the treatment methods also differ. Initially, the dentist performs a complete cleaning of the root canals of the remnants of the inflamed pulp, cleansing of accumulated pus (in advanced cases), the affected area is treated with antiseptic drugs to prevent subsequent bacterial growth. After complete healing, the specialist examines the canals, puts a dental fill.

Prevention of periodontitis:

  • proper oral care;
  • systematic visits to the dentist;
  • proper diet.

It is important to seek professional help at the clinic on time.