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Gingivoplasty is gum plastic to eliminate its deformation. The surgical operation will prevent various diseases of the oral area and give a perfect contour of the gums.

The main indications for gum plastic:

– naked tooth roots;

– the presence of excess tissue hiding teeth;

– violations of the structure of periodontal pockets.

The dentist can prescribe a procedure for the prevention of periodontitis and caries.

Gingivoplasty is performed after a thorough examination of the patient by a specialist only with the use of anesthesia. Modern methods in dentistry make the procedure quick and painless. During the operation, incisions are made on the mucous membrane of the palate or other donor sites necessary to create the flaps (there will be two of them: one will remain in place, the other will move). Depending on each individual case, the amount of periodontal tissue can either decrease or increase. At the end of the procedure, the edges are fixed with seams, a bandage is applied on top. After 10-12 days, the seams are removed.

The doctor will tell you in detail about the rules for caring for the oral cavity during the recovery period. It is not recommended to use hot drinks and food in the first days and  do not load the operated area.

The specialists of our clinic perform gum plastic surgery to make your smile irresistible.