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Open curettage

The main reasons for patients to visit a dental clinic are bad breath, inflammatory processes and other diseases of the oral cavity. Sometimes it is enough to carry out timely cleaning of periodontal pockets to avoid more serious diseases.

Open curettage is the removal of deep-lying dental deposits from under the gums. Improper oral hygiene leads to the formation of plaque on the teeth, which over time becomes more solid in the form of a stone. Such formations can form not only on the surface of the teeth, but also penetrate deeply under the gum, forming a periodontal pocket. To preserve the tooth safe and sound, it is recommended that an open curettage of the gums be performed to eliminate the focus of inflammation in periodontitis.

An operation is prescribed if the depth of the periodontal pocket is more than 5 mm (sometimes formations can go down to the root). Initially, anesthesia is done, the gum is dissected and exfoliated to gain access to the pocket, dental deposits are removed using special dental tools, bone-forming preparations are applied to the affected area to compensate for the lost bone tissue. After this, the tooth surface is ground, antibacterial treatment is performed and the gum is sutured.

Our clinic uses advanced techniques, this allows you to do open curettage quickly, efficiently and painlessly!