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A large tension of the tissues of the mucous membrane in anticipation of the oral cavity can cause various dental problems. This is the space between the inside of the cheeks and lips and the outside of the surface of the dentition and gums.

Indications for the surgical procedure:

– preparation for implantation and / or prosthetics;

– prevention of gum recession;

– Prevention of various periodontal pathologies.

In some cases, vestibuloplastyis prescribed in case of difficulty in the phonation of certain sounds, as well as in order to eliminate cosmetic defects.

The doctor conducts a thorough examination of the oral cavity, with the help of modern equipment carries out diagnostics. Looking at the degree of complexity of the pathology for each individual case, he selects the most optimal methodology for the operation. Vestibuloplasty consists in exfoliating a specific area of the mucosa and fixing it in the correct position. The procedure lasts up to an hour, performed only with the use of anesthesia.

There may be a slight swelling for 2-3 days and pain in the operated area. It is recommended to limit active physical activity for the first 2-3 days, to exclude irritating food for the healing period.