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Improper oral care, untimely dental treatment can lead to inflammatory processes and other complications. The specialists of our clinic will do everything possible to save the tooth, and not remove it.

Hemisection is the removal of only the damaged tooth root along with part of the crown. The surgery is performed on multi-rooted teeth, in which the infection affected only one root, and its further conservative treatment is impossible.

Indications for hemisection:

– perforation or crack of one of the roots;

– malignant neoplasm (cyst);

– tooth root caries;

– pathological deviations.

The dentist performs diagnostics to determine the lesion and select the method of surgery. Hemisectioncan be carried out in two ways:

– the crown is sawn to the place of separation into roots, then the root is extracted;

– patchwork, when the mucosal-periosteal flap is exfoliated and the affected area is cut out. The flap returns to its place, and sutures are placed on the wound.

The hole is washed, treated with an antiseptic solution and filled with bone material. For two to three days after the hemisection, it is recommended to refrain from active physical activity and food that irritates the surface of the mucosa. The recovery period lasts from one to five days, on the second or third day after the procedure, you need to visit a doctor for an examination.