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Removalof a tooth

Tooth extraction is a surgical operation in the oral cavity. In our clinic, a professional team of doctors will do everything possible to preserve their native tooth. If other methods of treatment are impossible, then there is only one way out – removal. It is recommended that you contact the clinic on time to avoid possible complications after surgery.

The main reasons for tooth extraction are untimely and incorrect treatment, broken and incorrectly growing teeth, which in the future may lead to complications and inflammatory processes.

First, the doctor conducts a thorough comprehensive diagnosis, takes x-rays to assess the condition of the tooth and its roots. The patient must provide the dentist within formation about possible allergic reactions to the drugs. Before starting the procedure, the specialist anesthetizes the tooth and its tissues. In modern dentistry, the latest methods for tooth extraction are used, which makes the process almost painless (the patient only feels a slight pressure).

To avoid complications in the postoperative period, the dentist instruction oral care. In the first two to three days after tooth extraction, it is not recommended to eat hot food, do not burden the sick side (try to chew on another part of the jaw). After about a month, the hole heals completely. The teeth have the ability to move, which violates the aesthetics and normal functionality. To prevent displacement, it is recommended to replace the crowns with artificial ones.

Follow all rules of oral hygiene, go examination at the dental clinic at least twice a year. Take care of dental health!