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Gingival contouring

Gingival contouring is the process of enlarging a tooth crown by raising or excising the gingival margin. Dental surgery is performed to improve aesthetics, as an independent procedure, as well as for further therapeutic and orthodontic treatment.

The operation consists in lengthening the crown of the tooth and restoring / aligning the uneven edge of the gum, which allows achieving harmony between the white and red tissues in the oral cavity.

Before the operation, the dentist conducts a thorough examination to determine the volume of tooth tissue, its external structure and the thickness of the enamel. The procedure is simple and takes about 20-30 minutes, performed under local anesthesia. Modern dentistry uses the latest technology, which makes the process quick and painless.

After contouring, the dentist will give recommendations on maintaining oral hygiene in the postoperative period. It is advisable to refrain from drinking hot drinks and food in the first two to three days after plastic surgery, not to load the operated part of the oral cavity.

In our clinic, gum contouring is carried out quickly, painlessly and at the highest level!