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Root apex resection

The main task of our clinic is to save at least part of the tooth if treatment is not possible. Resection of the apex of the root is a thin dental operation to excise the affected area, while the crown is not damaged. Basically, the procedure is used for anterior teeth in the case of the formation of inflammatory processes at the root.

Various inflammatory processes, improper and untimely treatment of periodontitis can lead to infection of the root in the form of a malignant formation (cysts, granulomas). Such growths are not treatable, in order to avoid infection of the tooth, the best solution is resection of the apex of the root. The operation allows the patient to save his native tooth, to avoid implantation. The doctor receives access to the affected area through bone tissue, which means that you do not need to open the crown or seal.

First, the specialist carefully examines the root part of the tooth using modern equipment to determine the exact location of the neoplasm and its size.

The operation is quite complicated and is carried out under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain during surgery. To get to the top of the root, an incision is made on the gum, the formation and the affected area are excised. The hole is thoroughly washed and treated with an antiseptic solution, the void sare filled with bone material, then stitches are placed don the gum. If there are no complications in the postoperative period, the sutures are removed approximately one to two weeks after resection of the root apex.

In our clinic, the doctor will give instructions on oral care during the recovery period, prescribe a course of antibiotics to speed up rehabilitation and exclude infection.

Follow to oral hygiene and do not delay visiting a dental clinic.