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Coronal radicular separation

The latest technology in modern dentistry allows you to carry out various methods for dental treatment without removing them. Preservation of one or two roots in multi-root teeth is called coronary-radicular separation.

The operation consists in separating the roots by dissecting the trunk and crown of the tooth. This method is used in case of caries damage to the place of root discrepancy (bifurcation area) for further treatment. The task of the operation is to turn one tooth with two roots into two single-root, opening access to the affected area for further treatment.

Modern dentistry uses advanced technologies, so the operation is quick and painless. The doctor carefully examines the oral cavity, then X-rays are taken, diagnostics are performed to determine the method of the dental operation.

After coronary-radicular separation, the dentist will tell you about the rules for caring for the oral cavity in the postoperative period. It is recommended that the first two or three days not expose the body to active physical exertion, exclude solid foods from the diet, try not to burden the operated part of the jaw.

You must visit the dental clinic every six months. Carrying out oral cavity is more pleasant than treating!

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Coronal radicular separation
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The reasons for the loss of teeth can be different: injuries, untimely treatment, improper oral hygiene. Is it possible to restore the functionality of the tooth, if it has long been lost? What is the most optimal period after tooth extraction for implantation? Dentists do not advise to delay the replacement of the natural root with an artificial one.
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Lost teeth can and should be restored to avoid possible complications, restore functionality and aesthetic appearance of the dental system. What is a "crown" and "implant"? What is the role of each of the products? The correct choice depends not only on the beauty of the smile, but also the duration of the entire structure.
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